Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Resolution? Be Honest With Myself!

After having written a couple blogs about my accessory passions, I have come to the conclusion that everything I want to write about has nothing to do with accessories. Everything I want to say at this point in my life revolves around my family, and me. As 2013 rolls in, I have made a decision to be REALLY true and honest with myself and my passions and steer this blog in a new direction.

MINE is still a place for all things MINE, but it’s going to be a bit more personal, intimate and open. I need a place to voice my opinions and tell the stories about my life. I have a lot to say, and sometime it’s about my hobbies, but sometimes it just about life.

I hope by doing this that I can open myself up a bit more to the world and tap into MYSELF. ME. And MINE. All I want to do is find out who I am, and I am going to use this avenue to do so.

My hope is that you, the reader, will help me in this journey by allowing yourself to share your thoughts with me a well.

Much Peace and Love for the New Year,



  1. Happy New Year Kate--Look forward to what comes next.

  2. Looking forward to following you on your journey! All the best in this new year!

  3. Happy New year! :) i hope 2013 is great for you!


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