Monday, March 4, 2013

30 Day Mission, DAY 3 - Ironing Boards & Giant Wrenches

Hello, my name is Kate, and I am a Budget Fanatic.

I have an excel spreadsheet detailing all of my family’s money ins and outs, and it is like a child to me. I love it. I live for it. I created it from scratch. In the past, I have downloaded numerous budget templates but none of them ever felt right for me so I tailor-made one to suit our family. I continue to improve it all the time. I usually spend at least an hour a day going over it and fine-tuning everything.

I try to explain my budget methods with people and they think that they would hate it. Life is so unpredictable sometimes and things are always changing. You have to be PREPARED (as much as possible) for the unexpected, especially when it comes to money. There are unexpected car repairs, trips, cases of more f’ing brownie cookies to buy to support an overnight camp out that turns out won’t be happening anymore after you alredy sold five million cases for it...

A new ironing board has never been an item in my budget. Why? Oh, because I don’t iron my clothes. I am the type of person that throws stuff back in the dryer to get the big wrinkles out, and only IF my mother or grandmother will see me wearing it. If not, I like to think wrinkles are a part of life. Yes, I am a grown-up, no I don’t care that you are judging me right now. AND I am sometimes quick at hanging stuff up and folding when it comes out of the dryer the first time. So there.

I want an ironing board really badly because it is the last component that I “need” to make my craft room/office feel complete. When I am sewing, I have to put away the sewing machine in order to make room on my table for a towel and my iron. It frustrates the crap out of me. For the last year I have refused to put it in the budget and to also pay the 29.99 for it. I have watched for a sale, but even when I found one for 19.99, I cringed and walked away with a pout. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. Until today.

The void in my craft room has now been filled with a 9.99 ironing board from a closing out sale at Zellers.

I escaped on Friday night to run to town to grab more purple yarn for my Period of Purple Crying hats. I swung by the ironing board section on the way out to see what the discount was, since everything in the store is either 40-50% off right now. I nearly lost my mind when I saw the 9.99 price tag. I literally STARED at the thing leaned up on the rack for a solid 15 minutes.

The whole time, just thinking to myself- Should I get it? When will I ever see one this cheap again? But it’s not in the budget. Well neither is the yarn. Hmmm. If I don’t get it now for 9.99 then I will feel so terrible paying 29.99 for one down the road. Or maybe I won’t EVER actually buy myself one.  AHH Shit. If I buy myself this ironing board then I will HAVE to make good use of it in order to justify to myself that it was worth it. What will I sew? Some doll clothes for Bears American Girl Doll; some new curtains for Pumpkins room; a new dress for moi? I’m not that great at sewing. I should get lessons. Geez maybe I shouldn’t buy this ironing board right now. Oh, frig it! I put it in the cart.

The whole walk to the cashier I (again) weighed the pros and cons, but eventually thought to myself, I need this. I want to sew more. I have been stuck in a creative lull for the past few months, and this new ironing board is gonna bring me out of it. I hope.

It is not very often that I make a decision like this that is not based on a need RIGHT NOW, or buying something in the HOPES that it will motivate or inspire. It was a wacky moment, but it felt right because I finally listened to myself.

I walked in the door with it, showed hubby, and immediately started explaining to him how it was on sale and I couldn’t leave it there, and you know how much I have wanted one….blah blah blah. He didn’t care one bit. He said that’s nice and walked away. It was WAY easier then I thought it was going to be to convince him it was a good purchase.

But then I got to thinking…

Last week when he was talking about spontaneously buying some “non-needed” tools I lectured him about planning ahead and making sure we put it in the budget BEFORE we go shopping. See, I told you I was crazy about it. He didn’t understand what the big deal was. SO he may not care too much about this ironing board RIGHT NOW, but I guarantee you on our next trip to Canadian Tire, when he asks me if some giant specialty wrench thing can be in the budget, he won’t be able to stop talking about my ironing board. You wait and see. Sneaky devil.

He won't know what hit him when he hears me say, "Yea honey go ahead and get whatever you want." If he thinks that it will make his toolbox complete, then I will have no choice but to make some room in the budget for it. Another lesson learned.  If I can do it for myself, then I have to loosen up my Crazy Budget Lady purse strings a bit for everyone.

Except for more brownie cookies, because I am SO D.O.N.E with brownie cookies!!

I am adding a new category to the budget this month: "WANT" MONEY FOR EVERYONE!! (In an Oprah Winfrey voice of course) YOU get a new car, YOU get a new car, YOU get a new car...I miss Oprah.

Anyways, I’m not sure if this was a “comfort zone bust” or “gratitude to myself” moment, but it was something. I learned that it’s really important to make investments in YOUSELF sometimes. Also, that WANTS are just as important as NEEDS sometimes. Especially if it will steer you in a direction you have been trying to go in for a while.  



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