Friday, March 8, 2013

30 Day Mission, DAY 9 - Princess Protector

Back in October, I went to the first Parent Teacher Meeting with Bears new Grade 2 teacher Mrs. Burt. She was a lovely lady. I liked her from the minute I met her. She praised Bear for being a great student and recognized that she was reading at a few grade levels above Grade 2. We both agreed that she would provide her with some extra work to stay motivated interested. All in all it was a very productive meeting with the new teacher.

Fast forward to January, her school started a new reading challenge. Every night when she reads we record the minutes on a reading log sheet in her homework folder. Parents have to fill it out and sign it. When Hubby is home in the mornings, he usually gets her backpack all ready and does all the daily signing of everything.

On one particular morning, after a long night shift, he ACCIDENTALLY signed the wrong sheet. In his defense, there are many different sheets in the folder that all look alike. It was an honest mistake. Anyways, it turns out that because of this little mistake, Bear had to stay in at recess to re-read her 15 minutes because he filled it in on the wrong sheet.

Boy-oh-boys was Hubby upset when he heard this. He didn’t think that it was right that Bear had to be punished for a mistake that he made. At that moment, back in January, he vowed that HE would be the one going to the next Parent Teacher Meeting to confront Mrs. Burt about it. I thought nothing of this at the time. I knew for sure that he wouldn’t be the one attending the parent teacher meeting. He was just mad. He would get over it, and probably forget about it. Parent Teacher Meeting: that was my job.

SO, a few days ago, the meeting appointment card came with the Report Card. Hubby saw it first, and remembering the issue with the reading log sheet, he signed himself up to attend!

I was pretty shocked that he even remembered, and better yet, that he still wanted to go. For a moment, I contemplated speaking up and reminding him that this was usually my job and that I would go. But I didn’t. For some reason (maybe my challenge) I thought I should just let this go, and see what happens.

Yesterday was the interview. At three o'clock, right before he left, he looked at me and said “Do you want to go?” I think he was a little nervous. I said “Nope, you got this. Good luck.”

It was such a nice feeling to know that he wanted to be involved with Bears education, but at the same time, it gave me some serious heart palpitations. I was nervous the whole time he was gone, which I shouldn't have been, but I couldn't help it. What if he doesn’t ask the right questions? What if he doesn’t remember her answers to tell me? What if he gets in a big fight over the reading log sheet? Oh my gracious. Oh my gracious.

About thirty minutes later when he walked back in the door, I knew my worrying was for no reason. He had a big smile on his face. I should have known. He presented me with a pile of papers from the teacher with examples of all her work. We sat down and he explained to me all the nice things that the teacher had to say about how well she was doing. She has been struggling with taking her time with Math questions, so Hubby planned to work on it with her after supper.

He was totally invested and so happy with himself that he went to the teacher meeting. He didn’t mention anything about the reading log sheet to me, so I assume that he didn’t even bother confronting Mrs. Burt about it. I didn’t bother to bring it up either. I think his genuine love and concern for Bear got in the way of his first intention for going to the meeting.
I hope that this desire to be involved with this kind of stuff continues forever. We will eventually have two of them in school and I have a feeling it will take both of us to manage everything from recitals, to sports games, to meet the teacher's. I just find it so funny that his natural desire to "Princess Protect" isn't just used when it comes to boys and bully's. It's getting some practice with the Grade 2 teacher as well!

I took a big leap of faith in giving up my job today. I have no regrets because I think it allowed him to learn something new about himself as well. Something that I have already known for a long time...

He is a great father.



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