Monday, March 11, 2013

30 Day Mission, DAY 10-20 - No, I won't give up.

Dear Kate,

I love you. I know that I don’t always show it, but I do. I am so proud of you for giving yourself such a great challenge to conquer this month. You have been doing so great, and I can already tell that you have made some really positive changes in your life.

But I think you might need to slow down.

I am not telling you to give up; you would never go for that. But I am thinking a few days to reflect might be in order. The last few days you have been really hard on yourself. You have been trying to push yourself so much. Your body and mind can’t handle it right now. Sometimes you need to be in the comfort of yourself. And sometimes you need to show YOU some gratitude.

I know you are excited to do something positive for yourself, and the desire to truly know yourself is so intriguing, but I need to break some news to you…

It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen over 10 or 30 or 80 nights. It takes time. You can’t rush this. You can’t put all your eggs in this basket and then swing the basket around your head like a lasso! Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to embrace these new ideas, and insights that you have had. Give yourself some time. Do not feel like a failure. Do not be embarrassed. You have made great strides. This is for YOU, nobody else.
You have lived in the comfort of your comfort zone for many years, moving on isn't easy. Show it some respect and do it slowly.
The person you were fifteen days ago, has changed so much in the past thirty years. Be proud of all the ways that you have been good to yourself during this time. Also take time to reflect on those times that you were not good to yourself or others. You weren’t the person you wanted to be. It will help you to see what I see; a woman who has overcome many obstacles. But remember, those obstacles...they got you here. To a place where you are able to see them for what they were: life's lessons.

You are a woman that has always loved with her whole heart, even when it was broken. You are a woman who has learned the hard way, that sometimes love is not enough. You have a purpose. You are good. You have been broken, you have been fixed. YOU ALWAYS PICK YOURSELF UP, AND DUST YOURSELF OFF. Be proud of that because some people can’t do it.

Take a break from this challenge. Evaluate, implement, and relax. You have a good heart, and I know your intention comes from a place of love. But if you don’t take my advice, I am going to have to shut you down. I know you can feel it, so I thought I would give you this reminder, to be fair.

I love you. I am proud of you.

Now get up, get dressed, brush your hair, hide your crazy, and go get groceries! (We're out of whitener, and we both need a coffee!!)

Oh, and listen to this tune in the car. Crank it, and sing. I know that you know all the words. Jason Mraz wrote it for this moment...
For me, to sing to you.


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