Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hell and Steel

One day, I woke up from a dream with an urge to write a poem. I grabbed a pen and paper and what you are about to read came out of my hand onto that paper almost instantly. I haven't written a poem or even thought about poetry in a very long time, but I like this. Maybe you will too. 


Hell and Steel
Yearn and ache
Catapult into the mission
Garner the fittings
Beget the factors
Assemble the perfection
Unleash the bluster
Twisting and churning inside
Aligning my lovers in rows
I halt for many moments
Waiting with intrigue
Until the moment has flourished
Amidst the hell and steel
Triumph appears from pieces
Ecstasy chills here for eternity
Burning desire erupts
Until that perfect moment
Pure bliss at my tongue

I have recently been obsessed (to down-play it) with the below pictured Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie. I am not even going to pretend that they aren't bad for you, because they are. I usually take a recipe like this and insert applesauce for butter and cut the sugar and chocolate in half, to lessen the guilt, obviously. But not this time. These are full fat - full amazing. So amazing that they brought back poetry from the depths of my soul.

If you are anything like me, and sweet things are your weakness, you can probably relate to the sheer bliss of a warm cookie just out of the oven, right?

Make them. Eat them. Thank me later. 

Coming Soon: How to burn-off 3784 calories worth of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (hehehe)

Disclaimer: Kate is NOT responsible for the Cookie Monster tendencies that WILL occur during the cooling of these cookies.  


  1. I started to read your poem, and I loved the word choices, but i was thinking to myself, "Where is she going with this?" So I was completely surprsied by the ending! I reread it and this time it made complete sense! I cant wait to try this recipe! they look delicious! i wanted to eat a cookie off of my computer screen! mmmm Thanks for sharing!

  2. My kids and Hubby are obsessed too. Lately, I make them at least once a week. I think we're going to need a Cookie Support Group when I try to come off these cookies. You have been warned. HAHAHA

  3. Nanny Dor's recipe is still the best. Choc chips ad walnuts, tons of butter and brown sugar!


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