Monday, June 3, 2013

What is a Hunter Boot?

Well, I chose my first wrinkled paper, and what do ya know... I got TRENDY S.O.S. I was actually petrified of getting this one first (or even at all) because I am kind of embarrassed about how untrendy I am. But I guess it's better to break the ice with something uncomfortable, because you know me... I'm a firm believer in not being able to grow inside of a comfort zone. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I totally regret ever saying that now, by the way.


So, as you can see from the title of this post, I am on a mission to figure out what a Hunter boot is today.

What exactly is a Hunter boot? 
Are they for Hunters? 
If so, then why do non-hunter people love them?   
Last time I checked (which isn’t very often) hunters aren’t very fashionable. Ummm hunters-orange? Ummm no. Even I know that's not trendy.

I was on the phone with my sister when I first heard tell of a Hunter boot. So I decided to casually ask her "What exactly is a Hunter boot anyways?" Her answer wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be though. I thought she would just tell me what is was. But oh no, no, no. Her exact words were “Katieeeeeeee, those boots are SO two spring’s ago!” Then she went on to explain them to me, drawing upon examples of ALL the college kids wearing them... Blah Blah Blah. I haven't been in college since 2007; I don't remember this.

Anyways, the discussion ended with a good little chuckle because let's face it... my more trendy sisters are very familiar with me asking them these kind of questions. They could probably write a book about their abnormally untrendy sister. They would title it "The Most Untrendy Sister That Ever Was" and recall questions I've asked in the past like: What is WiFi? How do you tie a scarf like that? What's the deal with leggings? What is an Android? What's the deal with neon? Are scrunchies back now? Aren't you supposed to wear something UNDER that? Does this match? Does this match Nude? The list could go on and on.

It's alright that I don't remember when these boots became popular, but I am very disappointed that my obliviousness to trendy things is way worse than I thought it was! I mean, I knew I was a little outdated but come on! I am clearly two whole years behind! Really? It’s going to take a lot of work and maybe a miracle to get me caught up here.

Better late than never, I always say.

I decided to begin my mission for Hunter boot knowledge with a little research on the company. Here’s the low down on Hunter Boots Ltd. (Yes, I know I am a geek, but I like to know where things come from. Yes, even fashion things. 

Photo source: Hunter Boot Ltd.
  •  It is a major rubber boot and footwear importer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. 
  • Originally known as the North British Rubber Company, the company manufactured vulcanized rubber products for over 150 years.
  • Besides rubber boots, the company also sells other products such as bags, socks and other accessories, and historically has been involved  in the manufacture of tires, conveyor belts, combs, golf balls, hot water bottles and rubber flooring.  Source: Wikipedia

OK. Cool. Got it.

But of course, now I need to figure out what vulcanized rubber is. It seems important.

Photo source:
Vulcanization or vulcanization is a chemical process for converting rubber or related polymers into more durable materials via the addition of sulfur or other equivalent "curatives" or "accelerators". These additives modify the polymer by forming cross links (bridges) between individual polymer chains. Vulcanized materials are less sticky and have superior mechanical properties. A vast array of products are made with vulcanized rubber including tires, shoe soles, hoses, conveyor belts and hockey pucks. The process is named after Vulcan, Roman god of fire. Hard vulcanized rubber is sometimes sold under the brand names ebonite or vulcanite, and is used to make hard articles such as bowling balls and saxophone mouth pieces. Source

OK so in case you skipped that, like I did... basically the rubber is less sticky, more durable, and has bridges between individual polymer chains.  All great qualities of a rubber boot, I'm sure! 

So according to my research, here’s the low down on the actual trendiness part of the boots:
Photo source:
  • They are still trendy and how could they not be!? So cute!  (Since 2007).
  • Perfect footwear for puddle-jumping, farming, cleaning sewers or grocery shopping or getting the mail!  (very diverse)
  • They come in lots of funky colors. 
  • You can get, what I like to call "mud tire" treads, or you can get flat bottoms.
  • They also come in an Equestrian style, tall and short, and now a ballet flat and a sandal. 
  • The Green Welly is their best known product and was first to become the hot fashion item. 
  • They cost between $200-$400 per pair. 
  • I found a pair for $89 plus tax and shipping. (Probably not the trendiest colors though, so beware)
  • They are super comfy.
  • They don’t leak. 
  • They will last "forever".
  • The Queen Mum has worn them. 
  • You can fit super cute knee high socks in them. (which they also sell on the website)
  • If you buy a size bigger then you can fit winter boot liners in them and then they are good for that season too! Which I would probably do, so I could justify spending that much money on a pair of rubber boots!
  • There's a matching umbrella! They sell on the website for $55! (for that price, it better be vulcanized)
  • Occasionally, you may notice a white powdery "bloom" on your Hunter rubber wellington boots. But they reassure their customers that they can be easily restored with regular use of Hunter Boot Buffer or Instant Boot Shine, available from good Hunter retailers. (OK then)

Here is a boot description that I found while browsing the Hunter Boots Inc. website:

[The boots are]
Designed to offer functional excellence in all weather and across a multitude of terrains, our Balmoral boots boast technically advanced linings and outsoles to protect you from the great outdoors. Source: Hunter Boots Ltd website 

And this got me wondering: 

Are the average moms experiencing rugged terrain and unpredictable and extreme climate conditions on a regular basis? In the city? In suburbia? If you are not a country girl do you really need protection from the great outdoors? 

Some say no. Some say its ridiculous that celebrities are trudging around Manhattan and Hollywood in this type of footwear, and calling it fashion! Even on sunny days too!

I can totally understand celebrities wearing them in times like this (below)... when its raining...AND, if you please draw your eyes towards the very fashionable signature Jimmy Choo crocodile print with gold buckle hardware (Yes I looked that up). Very fashionable. You can ALMOST not even tell that it's a rubber boot. Almost.

But here... And I'm no expert (obviously), but this looks a little weird to me. I mean, they are shiny, I will give Reese that. Maybe it's for a movie or something (at least I hope it is), but are they really pushing the trend THIS FAR? Is it OK to wear these boots with a white lace cocktail dress? Somebody please tell me this isn't true!!

So why then? Why are celebrities wearing them? The only thing I can think of is because they can. They could start wearing blouses with giant teddy bear heads sprouting out from them, and WE (not usually me, because I am still trying to figure out the simple things like Hunter Boots) would run out and buy them too. But that's a whole other fish to fry, another day.

Here are MY rubber boots (and Pumpkins too)

What do you think?
Am I even in the ballpark of trendy? 
They aren't a solid color, they have a pattern. Is that untrendy? 

Wait, don't answer that. It doesn't really even matter to me because I love them and their non-vulcanized rubber. They work perfectly for all the puddle jumping that we do. And if my socks get wet, I'll just put on a new pair. And if they ever fall apart, I will buy another pair. GT Boutique. Ten Bucks. To each their own, I guess. I don't think I will be running out to buy a pair of Hunter Boots tomorrow, but I do think they are cute and I totally understand (now) why people love them. At least now I know what everyone is talking about!


One trend down. Better late than never, and many more to come!




  1. haha "are scrunchies back?" this whole blog made me smile.... i think its time for me to get some puddle hoppin boots too! the kids always love to play in the rain, and i really dont have ant proper footwear! My step daughter flew in to visit several months ago and se was wearing "zebra print," black and white "hunter boots." She didnt have room in her suitcase for them, so she wore them instead. She said that she felt like everyone in the airport was staring at her. I am behind on the hunter boot trend I am not so sure how i feel about them! yours are cute though!

  2. Thanks Amy! I am happy to know that I am not the only one that struggles, or just doesn't have the energy, to keep up with all the trendy things. I am hoping to teach myself and that way I won't miss out on the trends that I actually think are cool! The imitation "Hunters" are going to have to do for now, but it's nice to know what all the hype is about. Scrunchies are apparently back ya know ;)


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